Advice and tips on how to improve your mindset, daily movement and general well-being.

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These educational resources are downloadable and can be read at your own leisure. We aim to provide concise, informative content here to help you understand the rationale, then implement successfully in order to move you forward on your journey.

How To Get & Stay Fit Over 40

In this guide we outline 5 simple tips to enhance your health, increase your muscle tone and improve your health when over the age of 40.

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Video Content

Our videos provide interactive content to help inspire and motivate you on your health and fitness journey.

Yoga with Bee Yoga 2.3
Yoga with Bee Yoga 2.1
Yoga with Bee Yoga 2.2
Introduction to Yoga with Bee Yoga 1.1
Introduction to Yoga with Bee Yoga 1.2
Introduction to Yoga with Bee Yoga 1.3

Introduction to Yoga with Bee Yoga 1.4

What are Joint CARs?
Joint CARs Morning Routine
Morning Routine
Evening Routine
Improving Self Esteem
Your WHY
Consistency and Schedules
Make It Fun
Growth vs Fixed Mindset

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