Useful resources to educate and support you on ways to improve how you fuel your body.

Ebooks & Guides

These educational resources are downloadable and can be read at your own leisure. We aim to provide concise, informative content here to help you understand the rationale, then implement successfully in order to move you forward on your journey.

What To Eat And When To Eat

This is our fundamental nutrition guide at Hunt Fitness. In this guide we make nutrition simple; we explain what you need to know in relation to macronutrients and amounts of food. We explain what a balanced diet looks like and assist you with designing the nutrition plan that works for you.


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The Nutrition Plan

Our nutrition plan provides you with plenty of ideas for all meals and snacks, broken down into simple calorie intake sections and an easy to use macronutrient guide.

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30 Day Nutrition Accelerator Success Checklist

Our success checklist helps to hold you accountable to creating behaviour change which will ultimately get you the results that you want over time.

Consistency is king.

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Protein Packed Recipes

Struggling to get enough protein in your diet and need some ideas to get you started? This is the guide for you; packed with recipes for all meals containing higher amounts of protein.

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10 Steps To Eliminating Cravings

This eBook provides a 10 step guide on how to get control of your cravings. It gives you a better understanding of what drives your cravings and how to keep them at bay.

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Summer Superfood Salad Recipes

This eBook explains the benefits of a variety of foods that are nutritionally dense; packed with plenty of vitamins and minerals. It also provides some superfood salad ideas that can be twinned perfectly with your summer BBQ!

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Stay In Shape During BBQ Season

Our top tips for ensuring that your summer is both healthy and tasty when the BBQ comes out.

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Ultimate Eating Out Cheat Sheet

This guide educates you on the amount of calories in our favourite high street restaurants and take aways. People tend be surprised with how many calories are in our favourite brands so we have offered plenty of healthy tasty alternatives.

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Video Content

Our videos provide interactive content to help inspire and motivate you on your health and fitness journey.

Sustainable Eating Tips
Hunt Fitness Nutrition Hierarchy explained

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